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About Lavish Dolls

Tired of bouncing around from company to company just to find AMAZING QUALITY & GREAT PRICES? Well, Look No More ! 

Our CEO, Renalda Joseph most commonly known as Rey got irritated with constantly shopping with different companies just to get her moneys worth. If one company had good quality, the prices were sky high. If one company had good prices, their quality wasn't up to par. Rey knew if she felt like this, then most definitely, there are people around the world that felt this exact same frustration constantly. She has such a big heart and has such a desire to help people and make a difference.

So, she brainstormed, planned and finally came up with the solution to this problem. Why not help us all by actually providing the quality and pricing without having to sacrifice one or the other? Rey spent countless of nights researching and experimenting different suppliers all across the world, just to ensure that these problems would be resolved.

This was the start of Lavish Dolls Collection. Our mission statement is aiming to enhancing peoples outer beauty by wearing Lavish Quality products at amazing prices while catering to your personal needs providing an extraordinary customer service experience making you a LAVISH DOLL forever.

We are LAVISH DOLLS COLLECTION ! We are a South Florida based online ecommerce store that fulfill your Lavish Desires & Needs. We excel at providing you lavish quality at perfect prices ranging in products from Lavish Hair, Lavish 3D Mink Lashes & our Lavish Shades Collection. We keep you in the latest heat !

The products you wear should't be a waste but a LAVISH STATEMENT, an investment in your beauty that will enhance your inner self and confidence ! SHOP THE RIGHT WAY, THE LAVISH WAY !



Renalda Joseph most commonly known as Rey is a Miami Native. She works diligently hard and stops at nothing till she reaches her goal. She is very compassionate and professional. She leads with a certain grace and poise. Her smile is enchanting & captivating. Her work ethic & constant faith in God keeps her going when no one believes in her. She loves fashion and enhancing others outer beauty. She has a passion for what she does and takes pride in what she do. Peoples' doubt in her only caused her to go ten times harder. 

"I live by the motto, Quality Over Quantity, in every aspect of my life, from hair, clothes, cars, relationships, just everything. Why spend less money on a product just to have to replace it or throw it away in a short amount of time when I can buy the same product for a little more for it to last me a decade? In life, you have to think smart, or you'll go broke thinking you caught a deal."

"Most importantly, never let anyone tell you can't do something. Never give up keep trying until you succeed. Trust God & The Process and You Will Go Far."

 Yes, there are similar companies selling similar products. However, there is a unique distinction amongst them and Lavish Dolls Collection. We don't aim at trying to be like everybody else. It is not about the money but most importantly, about our people, our DOLLS. It is our passion to deliver Lavish Quality at great prices. You are now apart of the family, WELCOME TO THE LAVISH LIFE !



You can't go wrong with an investment in yourself, lol Right !



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